She is originally from Virginia Beach, VA and currently living in Ponce, Puerto Rico! Since 2011 she has worked in law enforcement. In 2014 she started helping people change their lives as a fitness coach. She is so facinating! Keep reading to find out more!

What makes you come alive?  Aside from my passion of law enforcement and fitness, I love dance. Latin dance such as bachata make me come alive, but really I love all dance from country line dance to hip hop.

Favorite pastime/hobby/color? My favorite color is tiffany blue. I enjoy running and have done a half marathon and a few other races. I also have completed in bikini division bodybuilding shows.

What inspires you? My friends and family who look up to me inspire me to become a better person.

What makes you come alive? Dance.

Share one thing no knows about you or would never guess.  I graduated high school with honors at age 16 and graduated college with 2 bachelor degrees at age 19. I finished my masters degree last year.

How did you find out about IIFYM? How long have you been doing IIFYM? 
I came across IIFYM while researching if I could substitute foods from my meal plan. I have been doing IIFYM for 7 years.

What is some good advice you have received? 
Be patient and be consistent.

Any life goals you want to share?
I plan on competing again in the near future and my ultimate goal would be to become a pro bikini competitor.

What inspires you about coaching?
I truly love helping other women achieve their physique, health/fitness, and confidence goals. Knowing that I’ve played a small role in helping a woman learn to take care of her one body means a lot to me. In addition teaching women how to do so without being unnecessarily restrictive or sacrificing their happiness/mental health is a big reason I love what I do. I don’t like seeing anyone fall victim to fad diets.

Anything else that we should know?
I am a certified fitness trainer and certified nutritionist. I also am planning to start a second master’s in nutritional psychology.

Tell us a fun fact!
I am a certified tactical instructor and defensive tactics instructor.

If you would like to get coached by Arielle, fill out our form on this page or email her at [email protected]