IIFYM WOMEN has changed Yese’s life and now she’s ready to help you change yours!

Yese loves helping people. Coaching is one way to combine her love of helping people with her love of fitness and nutrition. We are thrilled to have Yese on board!

“Ever since working with Yese, my life is so much better! I am confident and STRONG! Working with her has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She has given me the ability to take control of my exercise and diet and know that I can do it myself. It has truly changed my life.”

Her Story

Yese wasn’t always athletic. In high school, she took Physical Education the one time that it was required to graduate. Most of her hobbies growing up were sedentary, drawing and reading. In college, she gained the famed freshman 15. She was eating like her 6’ 0” boyfriend (now husband) and was well on her way to weighing as much as him, too. She turned to running and 1200 calorie diet to lose the pounds she had gained. The only place that got her was in a bad relationship with food and with plantar fasciitis (a foot injury).

When she got injured, she had to find a different way to work out, an alternative to running. It was then that she started dabbling with weights. She started working out with dumbbells and machines. She remembers being afraid to try the exercises with the barbell but always wanting to work up the courage to do it. It took her a couple of years but she finally worked up the courage and is so glad that she did. It has changed her mind and her body. She now feels confident and strong.

Four years ago she discovered the IIFYM Women’s Facebook Group and it changed her life. She fell in love with the group and the lifestyle. When Jessica asked for volunteers to join the admin team, she was the first to jump at the opportunity. She loved how our community helps, encourages and supports one another.

She loves that she can eat foods she enjoys without feeling guilty. She also likes to be able to eat the same meals that her family and friends. She doesn’t fear going out to anymore. IIFYM allows her to enjoy a range of foods and she has developed a healthier relationship with food.

More Testimonials

“Before Yese helped me, I struggled getting up in the morning, going shopping for clothes and walking up and down the stairs hurt my knees. I was frustrated because I was not able to play with my kids or slide down a slide when they asked me to. I was depressed and unhappy with the way I looked. I even had second thoughts about applying to be a nutritionist with the Food and Nutrition Service because of my weight. Yese helped me by telling me how many calories and macros to eat and helped me find a weightlifting program that worked for my schedule and resources. She encouraged me to not give up and praised me when I made progress. I now feel like I can go shopping for clothes and play with my kids. My knees don’t hurt anymore. I am happy and I believe I can get the job I always wanted when before I thought it was impossible because of how I looked.”

“I was struggling to establish attainable goals. I was having trouble committing to do what needed to be done to achieve my goal of losing weight and getting into shape. Lack of motivation was my biggest frustration. I was unsatisfied about how I looked and how I fit in my clothes, which affected my self confidence. Yesenia helped me find a method that works and was able to guide me by advising what I needed to do to reach my goals. Yese showed me the way of macros and helped me determine my macro numbers to better organize my life with accurate food choices and workouts. She showed that I didn’t need to cut out all carbs from my life like I was doing before, which was taxing on my everyday life. I love all foods and especially sweets; so restricting those as I had been was making me unhappy and causing me more stress.”

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