Follow the directions on the image below while using this BMR Calculator.

Many people choose to use one of our knowledgeable coaches to calculate their custom macros: click here.  Many people choose a coach if they feel they might have special circumstances(breastfeeding, PCOS, etc), or want extra guidance. We also offer monthly coaching. 

If you need additional help figuring out your activity level on STEP 2, use this as a guideline, after you press CALCULATE on the BMR Calculator:

  • Choose SEDENTARY if you walk 5,000 steps or less a day.
  • Choose LIGHTLY ACTIVE if you walk between 5,000-7,499 steps daily.
  • MODERATELY ACTIVE if you walk between 7,500-9,999 steps daily.

  • VERY ACTIVE: If you walk at least 10,000 steps daily.
  • EXTRA ACTIVE: If you walk more that 12,500 steps daily.