Alcohol is the “4th macro” and it’s the only time we ignore the macros on the label and only look at the calories. Alcohol isn’t part of your three (P/F/C) macro targets, so you have to sacrifice some of your carbs and/ or fats, but never protein, to account for the calories. The label above is for a beer, which is a fermented grain beverage. Beer has more carbs (residual sugars) after fermentation because the yeast couldn’t turn everything to alcohol. Wine has slightly less carbs than beer because the yeasts that ferments carbs in the form of sugar has an easier time converting fruit to alcohol than grain to alcohol in beers. Hard alcohol like vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey has 0 grams of carbs or sugar per ounce, but you still have to account for the calories because it’ll affect your weight loss.