Welcome Coach Sara!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

 I am a military wife, married for 6 years and have a golden mix that we rescued. Fitness is my passion and my own personal escape from life. I love teaching and educating others about being a healthier version of themselves. My time over the past 6 years has been really dedicated to knowledge through continued education units, certificates, and training mentorships so I can be more knowledgeable to  impact others. Outside of the gym I enjoy hiking, playing volleyball and being outdoors.

Where are you from? I am originally from PA and lived there for 20 years. Moved to with my husband to Texas and then Florida for 6 years where we own a home there.

Where do you live? We just moved to Dover, Delaware in January.

What do you do? I am a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and group fitness coach.

What makes you come alive? Sharing my passion of fitness with others. Once you get me started there is not stopping me from teaching and educating about fitness and health. It’s really what I love and enjoy sharing.

Favorite pastime/hobby/color? Volleyball is my jam and I  Love playing. My favorite color is fushia.

The main questionnaire:

  1. What inspires you? Human movement. Honestly I am fascinated with science and how the body moves and works. I spend a lot of time doing research on how to move effectively and how to teach people how to move better through life. Nothing is more captivating than seeing someone I work with using the tools I taught them to have a better life.


  1. Share one thing no knows about you or would never guess. I have a huge fear of climbing ladders. It doesn’t matter if it has 2 steps or 10, the fear is the same. But I can do things like box jumps without any issues but ladders? Nope, it’s like my legs stop working.


  1. How did you find out about IIFYM? How long have you been doing IIFYM? I was a figure competitor for 2 years. That is where I first learned about IIFYM. I use that to prep for 2 shows and placing overall in my second show. I have been doing IIFYM for 6 years now and still doing it till this day.


  1. What is some good advice you have received? Control what you can and don’t focus on what you can’t. This is something I had a hard time learning but over the years finally it sunk in. I am a type A personality and I want things done right the first time.I can’t control everything or everyone around me so I need to focus on what I can control in the situation and leave the rest go.


  1. Any life goals you want to share? My husband and I want to start a family very soon. I was convinced I did not want kids then one day it hit me that I want to be able to share my life with a child and have the ability to teach them about life.
  2. What inspires you about coaching? The relationships I create. Coaching is far more than just numbers or training plans. Coaching allows you to learn about your clients in more ways than you can imagined.  Being able to help someone believe in themselves again is truly the biggest blessing about my job that I wouldn’t give up ever.


  1. What type of client do you love working with? I love everyone. Honestly, the more “broken” the better and I say this because it forces me to have to learn more about something.  Autoimmune issues and hormones have been becoming one of my favorite things to educate others on. I love doing contest prep because it’s like a science experiment.


  1. Anything else that we should know? I had an eating disorder throughout high school and college. This shaped me to who I am today. I would have never found weight training, a love and passion to teach others how to BE MORE not less in this world. I went through some dark times but the end goal was to be an advocate to help others never experience the journey I had or at least be able to step in and help others overcome this issue.


  1. Can you talk a little about your fitness journey? I played 3 sports throughout High school and then went onto college majoring in Health and Physical Education. I was able to learn all about the human body and how it works, moves along with weight training. My best friend in college and I would train every single day in the weight room. After graduating I moved to FL and started training for Figure competitions. I did that for a few years then transitioned to CrossFIt as an athlete and coach. I absolutely love that style of training and teaching others how to do things they never thought they could. I also did a power lifting prep, but unfortunately got injured. Right now my focus is on longevity with training bodybuilding style training but also adding in CrossFit metcons.

    I like to do ALL things so I have a good understanding of how to train clients in all areas of fitness plus every fitness domain has a different nutritional protocol that I learned how to implement to match the training styles of all clients.

If you would like to connect with Sara, you may request her though out client form or email her at [email protected]