Before uttering the words, “I am not losing weight,” make sure you have everything on point from this checklist!

-Are you weighing everything (within reason- ex. not single-serving yogurt, etc) from meats and veggies to fruits and nuts to cereal and chips in grams on the scale? Or are you just measuring your foods with cups and spoons?
(NOTE:  if weighing things all the time is triggering for you in some way, DO NOT WEIGH EVERYTHING! Your numbers may need to be lowered to compensate for that, but mental health comes first.)

-Are you underestimating when eating? It is best to overestimate.

-Are you tracking alcohol correctly by macros rather than just by calories? Here is how!

-Raw/dry is most accurate for meats/poultry/fish as well as starches, pasta/rice, etc- but it’s ok to do them cooked as long as you specify which. Are you using entries like ‘chicken, cooked’ and ‘pasta, dry’ or are you not always double-checking the specifications there?

-Are you tracking gum (if a lot), mints, lozenges, liquid supplements, fish oil/CLA/any omegas (fat), etc? It can add up depending on use!

-Are you tracking PAM spray? (1g fat per 1-second spray)

-What about condiments, marinades, and cooking oil?

Honestly, how accurate have you been? +/-5g daily? Are you tracking BLT(bites, licks, tastes)?

-Are you doing cheat days, meals, etc? If you aren’t tracking these, your body still does!

-Are you snacking on kids’ foods, grabbing bites/licks/tastes/etc elsewhere, and so on?

-Are you also taking measurements and pictures- and have those changed?

-Are you hitting all the workouts (of any type) that your macros were calculated to reflect?

-Are you trying to stay active during the day outside of workouts, too? (Admittedly a bonus one!)

-How long has it been? If it’s only been a few days, give it at least 1-2 weeks, ideally- and remember how much affects the scale- hormones, water intake, constipation/digestion, stress, sleep, soreness, sodium, and more.

Just some reminders! Before you panic or feel as though you need to change things, just run down this checklist first. 

Need more help or guidance? Maybe accountability? We are here for you!